Using technology to understand impact

Collection of quality of life indicators through mobile app-based surveys

Enabling data driven decision making

Providing elected representatives with ward wise comparative analysis on key development indicators, allowing for targetted fund allocation towards vulnerable households

Understanding the cross-thematic nature of progress

Looking at cross-thematic linkages for key grassroots challenges, allowing for more comprehensive solutions

Developing consensus on pathway of change

Using sub-group discussions between employees across hierarchy, to develop Theory of Change (ToC) with strong ownership

Using innovative study methodologies

Deploying a mix of study methodologies to understand change better

What We Do

At IdeasUnbound we provide a platform to


  • Stakeholder analysis within a context
  • Cross thematic analysis
  • Process flow mapping
  • Situation and Needs assessment
  • Interactions with academia and thematic experts


  • Conduct ideation sessions based on research
  • Distil disruptive ideas for implementation from the pool of ideas


  • Design interventions around disruptive ideas
  • Pilot the interventions in the context
  • Productize interventions with successful proof of concept (product, service, model)
  • Scale up productized interventions in collaboration with partners (government, grassroots organizations)

Services We Offer

Theory of Change design

  • Outlining pathway of change from intervention to impact
  • Stating risks and assumptions in achieving outcomes and impact

MEL framework design

  • Developing metrices to assess progress
  • Outlining quantitative and qualitative methodologies to capture data

Monitoring solution development

  • Developing mobile app-based monitoring solutions
  • Building internal capacities to ensure quick turnaround in information gathering

Analytical dashboards design

  • Develop role-based dashboards to ensure real time decision making
  • Present actionable data analytics allowing for timely course correction

Ideas @ Work